2011 Schedule

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Focus: Runaways

Date: May 25, 2011
Location: Garden for Change-Amphitheater

Day Schedule
Time: 9 am to 3 pm slt

9:00 am : Welcome and “Anna is Lost”, a true telephone-case
presented by Initiative Vermisste Kinder
10:10 am : poetry readings by
Serene Bechir, Morgue McMillan, Klannex Northmead,
DonJuan Writer, Ixmal Supermarine, Ingeborg Apfelbaum,
Mathoni Zuhrah
visual presentation: Aneli Abeyante
background music: James Corachea
11:10 am : Kinder(v)erziehung
a play by Kulturschaukel/MuenchenSL
12:00 pm : Dance in Light
by junivers Stockholm and Medora Chevalier
1:00 pm : Dance show by Angelina Kitaj
2:00 pm : Brendan Shoreland

Night Schedule
Time: 5 pm to 9 pm slt

5:00 pm : Ballet Pixelle
5:45 pm : (welcome and introductory comments recorded
from morning show or live by Serene Bechir)
6:00 pm : recorded presentation
6:30 pm : poetry
7:30 pm : pictures and music
7:45 pm : information from Ronnie Rhode/Garden for the Missing
8:00 pm : Cypress Rosewood



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